Joshua Wallace

Joshua E. Wallace was raised in church from birth, being born into a family where his grandfather, Rev. Wendell Dunn preached and guided his congregation and family in the true Gospel of Jesus.  His congregation was built on the old traditional hymns and southern gospel music.  At the early age of 3, Josh started singing in church and hasn't stopped yet!  He has served in several different groups such as The Messenger Quartet, The Masterpeace Quartet, The Trinity Trio and Circle of Faith, a group he organized.  Now, he plays lead guitar and sings lead for The Wallace Family Band.  "Having the opportunity to sing with all these different groups has been such a blessing and an honor but I certainly look forward to answering the call and spreading the gospel with my family!"

Amanda Wallace

Amanda was born in Llano, TX exactly five years (to the day) after her sister Kristi!  They began singing together and with their mother at a very young age.  Music was a constant in their home growing up, with a father that has a unique gift of playing the steel guitar among other instruments and a mother that also plays the guitar and sings.  Amanda met Joshua late in her senior year of high school in 2003 and began attending Bethel Church with him.  Shortly thereafter, she discovered her love of all things business and pursued a degree in Accounting and Finance/Economics at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor in Belton, TX.  She became a Certified Public Accountant after obtaining her Bachelor of Business Administration.  God opened a door for her to become the City Auditor for the City of Killeen in February of 2008, which is where she works still.  Amanda and Joshua were married in 2007 and since that time have ministered together in praise and worship at Bethel Church.  During the 10 years after meeting Joshua, the Holy Spirit has touched Amanda in such a special way and has used her voice to touch others through song.  It is her heart’s desire to be a blessing to others and to continue to minister God’s word through song! 

Kristi Young

Born in Llano TX, Kristi spent most of her life in the small town of Academy TX, and now lives in Nolanville TX. After graduating with a Master’s degree in Occupational Health from Texas A&M (Gig ‘Em!!!), she went to work for Jacobs Engineering as an Ergonomist. In 2005 Kristi married Caleb Young. They are the proud parents of 6 year old Emma, and 2 year old Eli. She loves to read and spends as much time with her family as possible, when not reading of course! She loves all things crafty and spends a great deal of time making homemade soaps, crocheting, bows, flowers, you name it!  Kristi comes from a musical family and began singing at a young age with her mother and sister Amanda. Growing up with gospel and country music has enriched her love of the Word, and the joy that music can bring to others. It is her hope that the music WFB brings will be a ministry to the heart of all that hear it.

Wally Wallace

The “Old Man” of the group was raised up around music all of his life. He received his scriptural foundation from his granddad, who was an old Baptist Country Preacher, that played the guitar & the harmonica. Some of his fondest memories were going to his Uncle Odell's house in Marlow, Oklahoma & sitting around pickin & grinnin well into the night, with all of the neighbors sitting outside in lawn chairs, enjoying the music & singing. Wally started singing at an early age with his sisters, Linda & Renee, developing tight family harmony. He had no formal musical training but always had a “thirst” to learn to play various instruments.

He formed, helped form, and played in several country bands, but always had a love for sharing the gospel in song. Even in the country bands, he would tell everyone that the talent they had, was a gift from the good Lord & would close the night with a good old gospel hymn. He & Tammie feel extremely blessed to have such wonderful, talented children working together, for the Lord.

Caleb Wallace

Caleb was born nine years after Joshua into the Wallace family.  Little did we know he wouldn’t be the last.  Again, being born into a musical family, he was given an excellent ear for music and began playing the guitar at a very young age.  By the time he was a teenager, he was playing bass guitar on the praise team at church but he didn’t just stop there.  He played baritone in his school band earning everything from first chair all the way to a full summer scholarship to band camp.  Although he plays bass and baritone, his true love is the lead guitar and you certainly don’t want to miss out on that talent!  He has a love for music and realizes where his talents come from.  Caleb wants to use his gifts for God and ultimately earn souls to Christ!  Did I mention this guy can play the guitar?!

Zachariah Wallace

Zach was the last of the brothers born into the Wallace family.  Even though he was the youngest son, it didn’t take long for us to realize he had a knack for playing the drums.  Zach began playing drums for the praise team at church at a very young age but his gifts are definitely not limited to the drums.  Although he loves playing the drums, he decided to give them up so that he could learn to run the sound at the church and learn more of the technical side of things.  He, like Caleb, played in the high school band as well and earned the same accomplishments from first chair to a full summer scholarship to band camp.  Now that he is “back in the seat” again, God just continues blessing him.  Zach realizes that and just wants to be a blessing to everyone and hopes that he can be a reflection of God!

Gary McGuire

Gary was born in Temple, Texas and started playing piano at the age of 5. When he was 13 he heard a group from nearby Killeen, Texas called the Faith Temple Singers which changed his life and direction. Always a fan of southern gospel music and hearing the Gospel Singing Jubilee as a child this was the nearest he could get to that music. This choir would become so meaningful in his life he later sang and played for this Choir in his 20's. In 1984 he heard and saw a group called "Gold City Quartet" and was offered a job as sound engineer in 1985. Later that same year he became part owner of that group along with Tim Riley, Garry Jones, Ivan Parker and Brian Free and was there for 8 years. Southern Gospel Music has always been one of the loves off his life and has always loved groups such as the Crabb Family, Goodmans and Rambos. Having the honor to play with such great musicians as the Wallace Family is truly a God send for me. I am so privileged to add my talents to this family of God Fearing people and it's a honor just to know them!