Partnering with us

Many times people ask how they can help this ministry besides prayer.  If you wish to be a financial partner with this ministry, please consider the following options:
  • You may wish to provide a one-time or occasional love offering to this ministry.
  • You may be lead of the Lord to provide monthly support to this ministry. This type of support, regardless of the amount, greatly helps those monthly needs. (such as transportation, equipment maintenance, fuel & other needs)
  • You may be able to encourage your church, Sunday School Class or Bible Study group to help this evangelistic ministry.

*Please Note: The Wallace family believe that you should support your home church with your tithes.  If you are able to help this ministry, over and above your tithe, you are encouraged to give that designated offering to the Wallace Family Band through your local church, if possible. 

Thank you for your prayerful consideration in having a part in this ministry.  Your support is vital and the Wallace family promise to be good stewards of the funds that are provided.  Please feel free to donate on this secured website to this ministry or you can send your donation directly to:

Wallace family band
181 Wyatt Earp Loop
Nolanville, TX. 76559

Wallace Family Band is a non-profit organization and appreciates any and all support.  We hope that God richly blesses you and your family and we look forward to seeing everyone of you at our next event!  Blessings, Joshua Wallace